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The key element of success for an organization and where to find it.

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Can a chef, a surgeon, a hairdresser, a dentist and an HR manager have anything in common when it comes to their job? Although it may not seem like it at first the answer is yes, and to better understand it you need only to think of not just the nature of the job but the process that gets it done.


The key element of success
for an organization and where to find it.


Can a chef, a surgeon, a hairdresser, a dentist and an HR manager have anything in common when it comes to their job? Although it may not seem like it at first the answer is yes, and to better understand it you need only to think of not just the nature of the job but the process that gets it done.

Let’s take the chef for example. And let’s not take just any chef but the one making it really hard for me to concentrate as I write these lines sitting at a downtown Athens restaurant with faster Wi-Fi than the one at home and definitely better food options.

Back to the chef and the question of what makes an organization successful. While I was desperately wondering how to best put in words all the raw information wandering around in my head, I watched the chef hovering over his area of action, performing precision movements without ever having to look what his hands were doing. “He got it!” I thought. “He may not know it, but he has the key element of success that most companies are in dire need for”.

The answer was before my eyes, organization, as was the example that I would use to help anyone better understand its benefits.
The cook had organized all the tools and ingredients in his kitchen, in a way which was
1. Practical
2. Ergonomic and
3. Broken down using criteria in correlation with the excising factors and the desired outcome.

In other words, a perfect implementation of an analog database and its effect! Once you have the database well set, you can work efficiently, in less time and with no losses. This allows you to think and act goal-oriented, protecting you from long and frustrating bureaucratic-like tasks.

That applies to most professions. In some, like that of the chef or the dentist assets are inanimate and are easily sorted to be used accordingly. In the cases though where your most valuable assets are your employees, the task gets more complicated as each of them has its own variables in reference to their job and keeping track of everything can become quite the challenge.

That’s where an assistant software comes in handy and proves its value. It helps you define the structure of your company, set the goals and see the needs, recognize your people and their skills and assign them accordingly. And just like that your goal start to seem more approachable than ever.

Just imagine the feeling of having a software doing the frustrating and time-wasting work for you, saving time and money, while increasing motivation and job satisfaction not just for the HR department but for the whole company.

Now stop imagining and take a look at the reality of what Horizon HR can offer. It’s a programming tool that aspires to be your digital assistant for all things HR. For organization that brings out the best in your company and brings in results!

Written by Dr. Iro Laskari
for Horizon365


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