Visitors Module helps you manage visitor and appointment schedule, simplifying procedures and efficiently communicating details, objectives and terms. Bus Module provides you with a new way to keep track of your fleet of fleet and the personnel it tends to, via a series of smart systems designed to work together in real-time.

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The communication between a company member and a visitor has never been so easy or efficient. Required information, additional documents, pending approvals, template and procedure customization options are now at the tip of your fingers.

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Team's Appointments Monitoring

Manage each of your personal appointment requests, as well as requests that your team has posted, via an easy to navigate dashboard and a procedure easier than ever before.

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Personal Appointments

Never miss an appointment and always be on point with notification sent to your e-mail and direct access to all available information at any given time.

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Guest Detailed Invitation

Make an impression by providing your guests with access to a specialized mini site containing full information on their visit, and features that give them flexibility while also keeping them informed on any last-minute changes.

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Set all the parameters that will make each visit run smoothly and your company look like a well-oiled machine. Speak your visitors’ language, ensure their safety and always be on time even if there was no appointment set beforehand.

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Powerful Backoffice Engine

Customize any visit specifics (email template used, visitor badges etc.) while keeping an overview of all general information.


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Native Mobile Application

Find all you might need regarding your routes and passengers in one thoughtfully designed and smartly implemented App that works both online and offline, keeping track of everything so that you can safely keep your eyes on the road.

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QR Code Passenger Identification

Keep track of boarding via a smartly implemented automated system that is updated in real time, helps sort out passengers and keep capacity in check.

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Real-Time Reporting with Geolocation

Gain access to anything that is happening or has happened to any of the vehicles of your fleet, in an instant.

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Powerful Backoffice Engine

Do it all from one place! Whether it is the routes, the vehicles, the assigned drivers, the notifications sent, the devices used, or the passengers’ identification system you want to manage, now you can find it all at once.

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and Reliable

Have total control over the devices that control it all and help secure your procedures as well as your employees’ and your passengers’ personal data.


“ The reliable methods of Horizon365
in addition to the expertise of its staff,
led to an excellent result through a system
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Our competitive pricing, your competitive advantage.

By analyzing your requirements, company scale, and usage scenarios, we offer you great solutions at a fraction of the cost of competitive software.

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Native Mobile

Bus App Screenshots
Bus App Screenshot

Works Online and Offline

Available for Android devices, the mobile client module of Bus App may be used with or without an internet connection. If a connection is available, all actions are communicated with the system's backend in real time, if however, the vehicle carrying the device is at a location with problematic or no connectivity, all data will be processed locally (on the device) and sent to the servers as soon as connectivity is restored.

QR Code Scanner

Built-in QR code scanner designed to read the codes found on passenger cards. A quick scan is all that is required to identify the card holder and process the information.

Stops and Stations Announcements

Notifications displayed on the driver's dashboard screen whenever the vehicle is approaching a predefined stop or station, along with the remaining distance.

Check-in without QR Code

Ability to manually complete the check-in procedure in case a passenger cannot provide his/her passenger card along with his/her corresponding identifying QR code.

Passenger Log

Access to a detailed report with information on passengers, check-ins, and statuses at all times.


Notify drivers - one at a time or more - about anything that may be needed in real time or on a scheduled basis.


QR Code Passenger

Bus App Screenshots
Bus App Screenshot

Unique QR Code per Person

Creation of passenger identification cards, bearing a unique QR Code that is scanned to complete the passenger's check-in.

Boarding Statuses Criteria

Vehicle boarding according to criteria. The fulfillment or not of those criteria can lead to three different statuses that are clearly displayed on the driver’s screen: The “Green” if the passenger is cleared to enter, the “yellow” if the passenger can enter but the vehicle is nearing capacity, and the “red” if the passenger is not cleared to enter the vehicle.

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Real-Time Reporting
with Geolocation

Bus App Screenshot
Bus App Screenshot


Complete reporting on a vehicle's route, combined with full historic data. Number of check-ins, stops and passengers carried are only some of the detailed information available per route and vehicle.

Position List

Real time display of your fleet's current positions, so that you are always kept up-to-date in reference to the status of the route and the condition of the vehicle. Just click on a vehicle and get all the information regarding its position and status.

Passenger Log

Detailed report showing passenger check-ins on a daily and per-route basis. Get a clear and detailed overview of a passenger's check-in as well as real-time status updates.

Pivot Report

Custom pivot reports containing any information you require are now available in an instant. Furthermore, your report criteria can be stored and be recalled at any given time for further processing.

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Backoffice Engine

Bus App Screenshot
Bus App Screenshot

Multiple Companies Assignment

Transportation of passengers from other companies with vehicles of your company’s fleet. Using our full-fledged backoffice system, you may assign passengers, routes, vehicles and/or any other asset to as many companies as required, gathering all your data in one place, and easily navigating through them according to your needs.

Users Management

Selection of which passengers will be allowed on-board your company's vehicles. Each passenger is assigned a QR Code that must be scanned when boarding the vehicle in order for the check-in procedure to be completed. For that to be carried through only the necessary info of each person are maintained.

Vehicles Management

Detailed list of your company's vehicles so that each vehicle can be assigned to a provider (in case of leased vehicles). You can also set the passenger limits that will be used to inform the driver when the vehicle is nearing or has reached capacity.

Routes and Areas Management

Selection of areas and routes, ability to set starting point and assign destinations for each vehicle as well as configure the exact route you would like it to follow.

Devices and Sessions Management

Administration of devices that are used onboard your vehicles through the backoffice. Each device may be remotely controlled since the administrator has full access to its settings at any time. It may be locked or even blacklisted remotely, while a full history of its settings changes is maintained for security reasons.

Drivers Management

Uploading and updating of a driver’s details through the backoffice. You can upload their photo, remotely update their login information and even block access to the system if required.

Points Management (Stops and Stations)

Selection and logging of places of interest (bus stops, stations or other points of reference) with precise longitude & latitude information in a detailed list. These points are used as points of reference points for each route when the vehicle is travelling.

Notifications Management

Notifications to drivers sent in real-time or scheduled to be sent later. Now you can notify drivers – one at a time or more - about anything you wish to communicate.

QR Code Print Management

Creation of any kind of design and/or layout you want. Create, select and use different passenger badges for different levels of employees, for different companies etc.- there's no limit!

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Secure and Reliable Design

Bus App Screenshots
Bus App Screenshot

Device Registration

Easy device registration that for security reasons can be completed only with proper authorization.

Driver Login

Entry of vehicle and assigned route details before the start of an itinerary. That way the home office remains up to date on all driver and route details, at any given moment.

Device Settings Through PIN

Ability to locally set up the settings of a device. For security reasons the settings are protected by a unique PIN code and are not available for everyone to change.

Request Route Analysis

Access to a detailed list of passengers’ check-ins and status information via the mobile application, at any given time.

Audit Logs

Keeping of full audit logs for security and administration reasons. Available only to administrators with specific levels of access, these logs contain every bit of information exchanged through the backoffice, the mobile applications, the backend system and the database.

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Visitor App Screenshot
Visitor App Screenshot

Common Options Settings

When expecting visitors and setting up your appointment details, there are some information that must be provided beforehand. Set the data required in just a few steps while all complex processing occurs in the background so you can efficiently focus on the rest of your tasks.

Visitor’s Files

Attach files that will be communicated to your visitors before their visit, if required. The files will be made available based on your settings and can serve as a source of valuable information regarding the visit.

Approver Selection

Allow your employees to choose which of their supervisors will give the approval for an appointment to be fully accepted and consequently communicated to the visitors.

Email Template Selection

Set up multiple templates for each action selecting which template will be used each time according to the reason of visit or the status of the recipient.

Terms and Conditions Customization

Visits to your workplace may require visitors to accept certain terms or acknowledge specific rules that must be followed. You have the option to add as many documents as needed to your request and visitors will be required to accept these terms and/or even digitally sign their acceptance.

Single or Multiple Guest Assignment

Each request can include as many visitors as required. Through an easy-to-use interface, you can add all of your visitors either as “new”, that come to your workplace for the first time, or by selecting them from their previous history.

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Team's Appointments
Monitoring by Supervisor

Visitor App Screenshot
Visitor App Screenshot

Email Notification for every Appointment

Be notified for each of your approved appointment requests, as well as requests that your team has posted and need to be approved by you, via an easy to navigate dashboard with immediate access to all required information.

Appointments List View

Giving you immediate access to the posted requests and approved appointments, the Appointments List View offers an efficient way to be informed and take all necessary actions.

Appointment Details

Through the List View you gain access to the full data of each request, so that you may review the details and proceed as needed.

One Screen - All Access

In the same Dashboard, you have access to both your team's and your personal requests. The most easy and efficient way to stay informed at all times!

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Personal Appointments
Monitoring by Host

Visitor App Screenshot
Visitor App Screenshot

Supervisor Action Email Notification

Get notified without any delay for the approval or rejection of your request by the assigned Supervisor, via direct email. That way, no matter if you are at the office or on the go, you'll always be informed on the status of your requests.

Appointments List View

Gain full access to the data of each request so that you may review the details and proceed as needed.

Appointment Details

Through the List View you have access to the full data of each request, so that you may review the details and proceed as needed.

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Guest Detailed

Visitor App Screenshot
Visitor App Screenshot

One Mini Site – All the details

Provide all your visitors with access to a specialized mini site containing full information on their visit, including the meeting details, a map to the meeting location, the Terms they need to agree on before they enter your premises and so on.

Email Notification

Get notified! As soon as your request is accepted, each visitor is notified via email containing all the meeting details, the location map, and information on how to access the mini site.

Terms on the Go

Allow your visitors to read and accept the certain Terms or acknowledge your Guidelines even before they reach your premises.

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Reception Platform

Visitor App Screenshot
Visitor App Screenshot

Contactless 4-Step Check-in

Transform check-in into an extremely easy task. The Visitors App has a dedicated module for the visitor check-in procedure, designed to run on a standalone client device (either PC-based or mobile-based, depending on your requirements). Your visitors only need to scan a QR code that the system provides, confirm their details, and agree to the visit terms (if they haven’t already), have their photo taken and receive their visitor badge.


Speak your visitors’ language! Visitors App is designed with a multi-lingual UI in mind. A customizable selection of languages is available for you to use, so that your visitors complete their check-in procedure with ease.

Check-in Email Notification to Host

The host of each visit is immediately notified via email when their visitors complete their check-in and are waiting at the entrance to be picked up.

Registered Appointment Quick Find

In case a visitor cannot provide his/her visit QR code, it is possible to easily retrieve the appointment's details, verify the information and complete the check-in procedure.

On the Fly Appointment

A visitor may come to your premises with no prior notification. In this case, since there is no existing visit request, one may be created and approved (or rejected) on the spot.

Effortless Check-Out

All your checked-in visitors must complete their visit by following a simple check-out procedure. All they need to do is scan their visit QR Code when going through the exit and that's it! No delays or complicated procedures!

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Backoffice Engine

Visitor App Screenshot
Visitor App Screenshot

Gate Management

Fully customize the locations that can be used to accept visitors and have them check-in and check-out. You can set multiple locations depending on the way you need to handle incoming and outgoing traffic to your premises.

Device Management

At each entry/exit point, you will need to place a device that will be used by your visitors when they go through their check-ins & check-outs. You can set which device is placed at which point, the time period during which it will be used, security details and so on.

Email Templates Management and Editor

Customize all notifications that are sent by the Visitors App according to your needs and your audience. You decide on the format, content and layout and add visit-specific information using special keywords that are provided through an easy-to-use selection list. Following in suite with the other modules of Visitors App, the Email templates are also multi-lingual.

Card Pass Template Management and Editor

Create and use different badges for different types of visitors or visit categories. Visitor badges don't need to be boring! Design your own badges with a powerful editor that makes it easy to create any kind of layout you may need.

Terms Management

Fully customize the set of terms & related documents that must be communicated to your visitors. In this case too, the documents may be maintained in multiple languages, as needed.

Visits Dashboard

Easily review the status of your company's daily visits. Administrators and gatekeepers have access to the Visits Dashboard and can instantly see whom to expect, who is already within your company's premises and who has already left.

Visits Report

Give your employees the ability to access a complete report of the visits they have requested, receiving all details and status. Team supervisors, administrators and employees with special access, are also able to see and manage their team's requests.

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