Horizon HR offers the tools you need for your everyday HR tasks in a powerful, yet easy-to-use and cost-efficient platform.

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Company Directory

Employee and/or other target group management through a powerful, yet easy-to-use system with real-time reporting and statistics.

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Personal Profile

Full-fledged user profile and personal dashboard available to all registered employees.

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Organizational Chart

Company structure visualization using multiple views that helps you manage your teams with great efficiency.

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Advanced module used to perform employee evaluations with fully customizable questionnaires, employee goals, and approval system.

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Surveys Lab

The surveys module offers an advanced feature set that may be used to create anything from simple questionnaires to advanced surveys.

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Time Off

The Time Off module brings a full-fledged Leave Management System for both the employees and the HR department.

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A powerful library of educational material, fully curated by you, offering your employees knowledge and training from within the platform.



Powerful workflows help you set up your everyday work, leading easily and efficiently to the desired results.

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Full GDPR compliance and Security features are integrated at the heart of the platform.


“ The evaluation of our personnel, was completed
effortlessly and efficiently thanks to the services
offered by Horizon365. The platform is user-friendly
the use very simple and the evaluations are complete easily.
We are totally satisfied with the tool and the provided reports
because all the data we needed were available
immediately and in detail. ”



“ The reliable methods of Horizon365
in addition to the expertise of its staff,
led to an excellent result through a system
that is characterised by flexibility, usability
and user friendliness. ”


Our competitive pricing, your competitive advantage.

By analyzing your requirements, company scale, and usage scenarios, we offer you great solutions at a fraction of the cost of competitive software.

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Small Business
or Startup

1 - 50 Employees

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Medium-sized Business

51 - 250 Employees

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or Enterprise

251+ Employees


Full-fledged Employee

Horizon HR Mode Screenshots
Horizon HR Mode Screenshots

Employee Portal and Organizational Chart

Interactive Employee Portal and Organizational Chart for management.

Single and Multiple Invitations

The administrator can now easily invite users to the company either individually or as a group through a specially formatted Excel worksheet.

Employee Profile

Access to General Information, Contacts Lists, Addresses, Documents, Education and Family Relations sections.

Employee Records

Dynamic update of the "Position" section of each employee according to the Organizational Chart, storage of historical data regarding all positions each respective employee has held in the company, and User Goals monitoring.

Skills Monitoring

Update of the "Skills" section of each employee with the skills he/she has and addition of newly acquired, along with the employee's proficiency for each of them. Skills that are characteristic of Departments or Positions are set as “required” and are prerequisites not only for the hiring of an employee but also the assignment to a position in the Organizational Chart.

Evaluations Monitoring

Performance management, through a series of targeted questions that encourage action while limiting subjectivity and speculation.

The result leads to higher engagement, more accurate reflections of employee performance, and better chances of addressing problems at the moment instead of six months from day one.

This section is dynamic and has an option that allows it to be completed with the involvement of all managerial levels.

User Lists

Creation of custom lists of company employees. The lists created are available during the set-up of an evaluation or questionnaire assignment campaign in order to make the procedure easier.

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Personal Profile

Horizon HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshot

Profile Customization

Each user is responsible for all data registration. The companies he/she chooses to grant access, have only read-only rights and are not allowed to make any changes. The user has full control and can customize his/her profile by filling and updating the “General Information”, “Contacts”, “Addresses”, “Documents”, “Education” and “Family Relations” sections. In the “Consents” section the user can find the full history of consents he/she has given.

Notifications and Updates on Tasks

User notifications for any pending questionnaires, evaluations or other tasks.

History Log

User access to all the assignments in which they have taken part.

Multiple Companies

User assignment to more than one company. Additionally, the user may grant or recall access to his/her profile, whenever required.

Secure and GDPR Compliant

Security and safety of your data. Horizon HR was designed in close collaboration with legal experts to be completely safe and GDPR-compliant.

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Administration of Levels, Jobs, Skills, Departments, Positions, Contracts

Horizon HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshot

Organizational Chart Views

Availability of 3 different organizational Chart Views. “Positions Chart” is a dynamic chart based on position. “Positions Grid” is a large scale data grid based on position with enhanced readability. “Departments Chart” is a dynamic chart based on department structure.

Company and Department Statistics

Statistics regarding a department or the whole company at any time. Find easily and effortlessly “Unmapped Users” (users not included in the Organizational Chart due to lack of contract), “Open Positions”, “Occupancy”, ”Employees” (the number of contracted users included in the Organizational Chart), “Positions”, “Team Heads”, “Departments” (The number of departments a company has).

Search, Filters and Historical Data

Search by: Employee Name, Email or Position. Filter by: Position, Department, Job, Contract, Grade Group. Configure History Mode: Visualize the state of the Organizational Chart for any given past or future moment as set by the user.

View as Other User

Impersonation: Visualize and use the Organizational Chart as a different user.

Controls and PDF Export

Configure the layout of your Positions Chart and Department Views according to one of the 7 Layout Methods: Tree Down, Tree Up, Tipover Tree, Tree Left, Tree Right, Mind Map Horizontal, Mind Map Vertical

Navigate using mouse or keyboard and complete the following actions: “Zoom in / Zoom Out” (Mouse and Buttons), Move Canvas / cards (Mouse), Expand / Collapse All

Export any chart. Download a PDF with the Organizational Chart exactly as it is displayed on screen.

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Full-featured Employee
Evaluations Module

Horizon HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshot

Multilevel Session Options

A session is the set of rules of an employee evaluation.

It is defined by the set of the company's questionnaires the evaluation will include and the duration of the evaluation.
It is also defined by the departments for which the evaluation will take place, as well as whether it is an evaluation of simple employees or employees who have subordinates.
The exact timelines within which the evaluation steps should be completed (Goals Set, Goals Approval, Self-Evaluation, 1st Line Manager Evaluation, 2nd Line Manager Approval) are optionally defined.
Timelines may be mandatory and therefore the employee can not take overdue actions.

Session Alerts and Notifications

Evaluation session notifications are set in order to send email notifications to the participants of the session, as a reminder for the actions they need to take.

Evaluation Level

Selection of the management level up to which the evaluation will run.


An evaluation may include goals.

The goals can either be created by the employees and approved by their superiors (user goals), or be created directly by the supervisors for each employee separately (manager goals) or on an entire department (department goals).
Furthermore, it is also defined which of the 3 types of objectives and for which year the evaluation will include.
Additionally, it is possible for the evaluated person to enter the goals for the next year.

Self Evaluation

Αn employee opens the evaluation questionnaire and completes it by evaluating himself/herself. During that evaluation, the employee must answer standard questionnaire questions as well as questions regarding his/her personal goals. Finally, the employee completes next year's goals if so set in the session.

1st Line Manager Evaluation

The 1st Line Manager evaluates multiple employees simultaneously, reviewing at the same time the answers they have given, their comments and the scores they have achieved.

2nd Line Manager Approval

Evaluation approval or disapproval by 2nd Line Managers is also possible. The procedure is completed only after the evaluation of an employee from the 1st Line Manager is approved. If ithe 2nd Line Manager does not approve the evaluation, the 1st Line Manager must re-evaluate the employee. Throughout the procedure, commenting is possible.

User Agreement

Employee option to agree or disagree with the result of an evaluation, if it is so set in the session settings.


Real-time reporting tools that help you create customizable reports, easily compare the answers of respondents, departments and so on. A full history of assignments is also available.

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Surveys Lab

Horizon HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshot

Multiple Questionnaires

Creation and assignment of a questionnaire within just a few minutes.

Common Calculation Methods

Selection of default calculation method that will be used to extract the results of the questionnaire - Count, Sum, Average.


Selection of one out of the thirteen scales available: Like/Dislike, Switch, Dropdown List, Multiselect List, Multiple Choice, Order Selection, Single Choice, Net Promoter, Star Rating, Date, Numeric, Free Text, Slider (Numeric).

Multi-Language Questionnaires

The elements of a questionnaire that can be translated are Title, Description, Answers, Questions, as well as the titles and description texts of the ranges. 

Employee receives the questionnaire in the language specified in his /her profile if available, otherwise, he/she will receive it in English which is the default language.


“Ranges” refer to the range of values that respondents are given depending on the total score they've achieved and are used in the application's reports.


Creation of Matrix-style questions. A pivot table is created in which respondents may answer one or more questions, using the same answers scale, accelerating the procedure of completing a questionnaire. The following answer controls are supported: Single Choice, Multiple Choice, Like / Dislike, Switch).


Questionnaire question grouping according to a common characteristic or unit of measurement. For example, in an employee evaluation questionnaire, one question group may be about productivity, while a second question group may be about decisiveness.

Multimedia Files

Creation of questionnaires that serve e-Learning purposes by linking video files or images to specific questions or question groups.


Ability to add Custom Formulas, except from the Default Calculation Methods, to export additional results always based on the answers given by the respondents.

Metadata Sets

Ability to include Metadata set either by the user or dynamically retrieved from web services. In any case, values are optionally defined from the following parameters: Nationality, Gender, Age.

Effortless Questionnaire Creation

Creating a questionnaire becomes an easy task with advanced filtering tools, bulk actions, and drag and drop functionality.


Easily testing of the questionnaire and the results it produces through the “Playground” module.

Specifically, you can test: questions and grouping, results of custom formulas with or without Metadata Sets, the differentiation of results depending on the Metadata Set used.

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Complete Leave
Management System

Horizon HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshot

Absence Types

Full customization system that can cover all your needs on absence types, through the Time-Off module.


Clear definition of information regarding locked periods, national holidays, mandatory leave, differentiation between full time or part time employees and so on. (Blackout, User Criteria, Capacity).

Employee Calendar Dashboard

Employee access to his/her own calendar-based dashboard. Through this easy-to-use dashboard, the employee can review his/her absence history, apply for a new leave of absence, check the approval status of an open request and review the overall yearly status.

Manager Calendar Dashboard

Easily review, update, approve or decline requests of your employees using a calendar view, a timeline view or a department status view. Furthermore, the statistical analysis gives you an immediate clear overview and a clearly labeled view of any conflicting requests, thus turning absence request management into a breeze.

Approval Workflow

An employee enters his/her request and then a manager may approve, reject, or propose changes in regard to that request, which are communicated to the employee.

Conflict Notifications

Easy review of arising conflicts between employees requesting leave of absence for the same period while manning similar positions, as well as notification when too many employees request a leave for a given period based on company policies.

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Management System

Horizon HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshots

Fully Managed Document Library

A powerful document management system, fully curated, that holds the training material that is essential for the education and empowerment of your employees. Both documents and multimedia material can be uploaded, catalogued and shared throughout the company.

Flexible Management Using Tags

Easy categorization and management of your documents. Assign documents to employees, flows, or functionality in an easy and efficient way.

Logging and Monitoring

When assigning training material to your employees, it is important to know who accessed it and when. Our system provides full logging and monitoring of the usage of these documents, providing you with the information in an efficient dashboard view.

Assessments with Multimedia Files

The final step of training! Assignment of fully customizable questionnaires to your training material for your employees to answer and assess their newly acquired knowledge.

Horizon's powerful surveys creation module helps in creating the assessment tests and completing the training of your employees.

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Horizon HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshot


Easily assign questionnaires to either a single respondent or as many as required. Assignments may be anonymous or eponymous and the respondents may be either employees of your company or any other target group that you provide.

Select the type of assignment (Simple, Campaign or Session), the timeframe of validity, who will receive the final report (the respondent, the manager or both) and you're done!

Simple assignments target single respondents, while Campaign and Session assignments target multiple respondents and have powerful customization options.


For eponymous assignments, the respondent's contact information is available so that he is notified via email whenever a new questionnaire is awaiting completion. A link to the questionnaire is provided in the email for easy access. Ιndicators that are displayed within Horizon, are also letting the users know in case  they have pending questionnaires.

Questionnaire Completion

Once the respondent receives the notification of a pending questionnaire and opens Horizon, the questionnaire opens up and the completion procedure starts. Once a question is answered the flow moves to the next one automatically.

A progress bar is shown to the user so he/she knows how many questions remain unanswered. Furthermore, if a user wants to, there is the option to save the questionnaire and return at a later time to complete it.


For each completed assignment a report is produced based on customizable settings that are defined when the assignment is created.

For each respondent a full report is created (on-screen or downloadable as PDF file), clearly indicating his/her available information, time taken to fill the questionnaire, calculation results and a detailed analysis of the answers given.

Depending on the assignment settings, reports are available to either the respondent, the manager or both.

For Campaign and Session assignments, powerful real-time reporting tools help you create customizable reports, easily compare the answers of respondents and so on. A full history of assignments is also available

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GDPR Compliance and Security features

Horizon 365 HR Mode Screenshot
Horizon HR Mode Screenshots

Full GDPR compliance and Security features are integrated at the heart of the Horizon platform. Full GDPR compliance is implemented by design and covers all aspects of the platform.

Since the beginning, we worked closely with experts in the applicable legislation, in order to make sure that the Horizon architecture abides to all guidelines and laws.

As per GDPR requirements, features such as two-factor authentication, data sharing approval workflows and so on, are an integral part of the Horizon workflow. All registered individuals have full control over their data.
Our systems architecture provides multiple levels of security, giving you piece of mind and letting you focus on what is important for your everyday tasks, while we handle the difficulties of data security.

Horizon HR is hosted in the highly available and secure infrastructure of Microsoft's Azure cloud. This alone provides a highly sophisticated and safe environment, on top of which we have built our platform, adding several layers of encryption and safety features.

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Fair Use Policy


By using the services of the Horizon platform you accept the Terms and Conditions that are included in this Fair Use Policy, which governs your conduct when using it service. This Fair Use Policy is complementary to the legislation, the Horizon Services Provision Agreement and all of the above constitute a single framework.

In order to use the platform, you must:

1. Be an adult and able to sign a contract

2. Complete our registration process

3. Agree to the Terms of Service, the Fair Use Policy and the other terms and conditions as mentioned on the platform

4. The information and data you provided must be accurate and true, and you must keep update it whenever there are changes, so that they are always up to date.


Use of our platform's services in a manner contrary to applicable law, including any illegal activities, such as cases of copyright infringement property, trademarks or other copyright laws.

Access or authorization of third party access to the service in case the administrators of the Horizon platform have denied access.

Access or authorization of access of minors to the service, unless it is preceded by a special agreement with the Horizon Platform Administrators and a written authorization of the adult(s) that have custody of the minor.

Threats, harassment, defamation, deception, abuse or intimidation of any person and for any reason, or use of data or questionnaire results data for this or any similar purpose.

Violation of the personal data of any person with an attempt to collect, store or publish private or identifiable personal information without the person's knowledge and consent to such actions. Obtaining consent for data processing constitutes an obligation of the user in case personal data of third parties are processed by the user and entered to the system. In case the user enters his own personal data, by using the Horizon Service, it is implied that the user accepts the platform’s privacy policy and provides the explicit and free consent for their processing in order to be able to use the service. The Horizon Platform Administrator assumes no responsibility for downloading and managing related consents.

Attempting to obtain unauthorized access to the service or facilitating the acquisition of unauthorized access for third parties to the service (eg. sharing of username / password) or third party data without the proper authorization or consent of the subject.

The use of the platform to gain unauthorized access to other services, data, accounts or networks by any means.

Causing harm in any way or exploitation of minors or the collection of identifying personal data of minors without the prior written consent of their guardian and the written contract with the platform administrator.

Removal, modifying or altering any notifications embedded in the Services (eg pop up updates and consents).


The administrator of the Horizon platform has no responsibility for the content of user entries and their processing. The decision to display the content or results of the questionnaires is exclusively a decision of the user and is made only after his explicit authorization.

The tests and their results are addressed and must be evaluated by experts who have the appropriate accreditations in accordance with current legislation and codes of conduct for evaluation and drawing conclusions in a scientific way.

Information stored on the platform is stored in the cloud and may therefore be stored outside your country of residence.

The administrator of the Horizon platform has the right at his discretion to take any action he deems necessary, without prior notice if he decides that there is illegal use, breach of the terms of contract or this Fair Use Policy or attempted breach including the exclusion of access to the platform, the "quarantine" of the data that have been entered to the platform and notification to the competent authorities of suspicious conduct.

This Fair Use Policy will be updated at regular intervals and without notice. The Policy that is in effect will always be posted on the platform's website.